Transfer FAQ Domain Transfer Process

Transferring a domain is a multi-step but easy process. The steps involved in a domain transfer procedure are described below and may vary depending on your register or escrow service. A successful transfer could take 1 to 2 weeks. We could point the domain to your web space (DNS settings) before the transfer, so you could make use of it sooner, if needed.

  • Step 1: Review what domains we have and verify for yourself we are the domain owner (for your own protection – use  for .COM and .NET domains)
  • Step 2: Make an offer to purchase; you may have the option to make additional offers. Make a super low-ball offer; have a nice day. If we both agree to a price (plus tax for Canadians), and you accept our terms and we accept your offer, we will proceed. We could even talk on the phone if possible.
    • We can use the service of a Domain Name Escrow Service. Companies like reduce the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds and only disperses funds when both Buyers and Sellers are satisfied. Sales of our domains over $5,000 MUST use a Domain Name Escrow Service.
  • Step 3:  We will require the complete contact information of the purchaser. Sales to people or companies in Canada will be subject to GST/HST.
  • Step 4: Virtual Edge Communications will unlock the domain and receive an Authorization Code from the losing Registrar – the company we are with.
  • Step 5: Once we have proof of payment or notification from the Escrow Service, we click on the link and approve the transfer, then the domain name is transferred to you.
    • Lower priced domains could be paid through PayPal once you are verified. We have the right to reject sales to any countries where we have been victims of fraudulent sales or attempts at fraud.
  • Step 6: If EPP Key (Authorization Key) is required, then an email with EPP request is sent.
  • Step 7: If Step 5 is completed or not required, then the domain is submitted for transfer.
  • Step 8: An email containing a link is sent to ‘Administrator Email’ for the domain.
  • Step 9:  When the domain is unlocked, the transfer completes successfully.
  • Step 10:  The purchaser of the domain will have to most likely purchase one more year of registration for the transferred domain, payable to the new registrar ($10 to $15 estimated). This fee is paid by the domain purchaser to the domain registrar of their choice.
  • We would love to list you on our site as a purchaser with a successful purchase and we welcome your comments. The purchase price can be listed or not disclosed if you so choose.
  • Virtual Edge Communications / Ric Wallace follows all tax rules for sales of domains and will fully document all communications and the sale process including IP logs to verify you are who you claim to be. Long story short, we want to sell some domains and have happy honest customers.
  • We can offer some suggestions for a hosting provider. We can even design you a cool website through our web design services (additional charges).
  • FEEL FREE to contact us with any questions. Please send offers by email using the Make Offer button listed with the domain you are interested in. We are on PT time on the west coast of Canada.

Who can register .CA domains?
The .CA is restricted for Canadian-only use. Any Canadian citizen, organization, or entity, or any foreign agency possessing a valid Canadian Trademark may register a .CA. There is no restriction on the number of domains a Canadian entity may register.
For a detailed description of the various registrant types, click here.
For detailed descriptions of the Canadian Presence Requirement, click here.

How many .ca Domain Names can an organization or individual register?
Under the new rules, any qualifying individual or organization will be able to register an unlimited number of .ca Domain Names.