Domain FAQ

What is a domain name? 

A domain name, a series of textual characters that identifies a specific IP address, uniquely identifies a website on the Internet. Domain names locate businesses, organizations, or other entities on the Internet. Domain names are easy to remember, easy to type alternatives to obscure URL’s that you receive with free website hosting services. Using a domain name allows you to receive more visitors, less bounced emails, and the chance to make a lasting impression on the Web.

A great benefit of using your domain name is that regardless of how many times you change your access provider, your Email and website address will always remain the same.

Who can register .COM, ,NET domains?
Anyone in the world can register a .COM, or .NET domains.


Who can register .CA domains?
The .CA is restricted for Canadian-only use. Any Canadian citizen, organization, or entity, or any foreign agency possessing a valid Canadian Trademark may register a .CA. There is no restriction on the number of domains a Canadian entity may register.
For a detailed description of the various registrant types, click here.
For detailed descriptions of the Canadian Presence Requirement, click here.

How many .ca Domain Names can an organization or individual register?
Under the new rules, any qualifying individual or organization will be able to register an unlimited number of .ca Domain Names.