We have had some interest and a few offers on this domain.

I have owned this domain for 10+ years and was the first person to register this domain.

First offer of $6,000 USD plus GST / HST gets it.

Alberta price ($6300 USD with GST included)

Ontario price ($6780 USD with HST included)

If you are registered for GST/HST you get the tax back.

ric-wallace-valuable would be a Valuable Domain for any Canadian company looking at running a contest. We have been contacted by a large publishing company in the past.  This would be ideal for gasoline retailers, grocery chains, etc. The parked domain is currently getting traffic coast to coast in Canada.

Visit for more information. Also available:



The price of this domain jumps $500 USD per year of ownership.arrowWe are currently located in the Victoria / Vancouver area of British Columbia and may take this domain off the market and develop it ourselves if no reasonable offer is made. If we develop a site for the domain(s), the selling price could be 10 to 100+ times the current price.arrow

This is a GREAT domain / business for helping the older population. Back in 2003 we had the idea of seniors 50+ helping with cleaning, yard work, repairs, groceries, daily living needs, etc. With seniors 50+ viewed as experienced, they could help other seniors or younger families short on time or skills. .

The .COM would be ideal anywhere in the world, Florida, Palm Springs, UK, etc.

Valuable business tip: If you were to purchase the domain, you could in turn make the domain your business name. With the aging population, the Seniors On Site business model will develop competition, having and / or  will make DOLLARS and sense.

Seniors On Site = S.O.S = HELP = $$$

We will consider all offers.

We are in the business of selling VALUABLE domains.

Look what we are dong with — Helping Canadians Dream Big & Win BIG


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  ONLY one person or company can own this VALUABLE DOMAIN.

Ideal for Chinese Restaurant, Online Take Out, Online gift shop, Asian dating web site, Escort, etc.

This could be ideal for China Town in Toronto, VICTORIA or Vancouver or Brampton , Ontario

We get many visitors looking a restaurant – see above


fortune-cookie-domainchinaPalace-500Proposed usage of domain name ONLY

Make an offer today to own the Domain.

The price of this domain jumps $1,000 USD per year of ownership.