This is an ideal domain to be used because a CRIME has occurred and bringing the scumbags to justice. Crime Stoppers would better used for prevention, if an crime has occurred this domain has better impact as you cannot stop a crime that has already happened buy rather BUST the scumbags who did the crime.  Using a the slogan “DO THE CRIME – DO THE TIME” would be ideal. This could also be used for an APP to help combat crimes that have happened. This would also be a GREAT DOMAIN NAME for a security or alarm company. Break in to this property you will GET BUSTED FOR CRIME.coppercrime-splash


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EOA – What does EOA stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by the Free Online Dictionary.

WOW a 3 character domain  (EOA – excluding the .ca)

Only 5G per character – I have owned this domain for 15 years.

The price of this domain jumps $1,000 USD per year of ownership.