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With Washington State and Colorado raking in big bucks from the legalization of marijuana, it is only a matter of time before other states follow suit. Oregon is now in the game. When other governments see how these states are raising BIG BUCKS, others will likely imitate.

Lotto MAX lottery millionaire and weed legalization activist Bob Erb has been fighting to have it legal in Canada for years. If you search on for “Justin Trudeau marijuana” you will find over 598,000 results.
Many people who follow Canadian politics say it was only a matter of time and Justin Trudeau would follow in his fathers footsteps and be PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA. On October 19, 2015 Justin Trudeau was elected prime minister of CANADA with a majority government. Long story short, he and his party can pass what ever laws or bills they want. With a promise of legalization POT, pot domains could set record prices.*  Domain investing, running for prime minister of Canada is just like playing the Canadian lotto – a gamble. Justin won the job of PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA – POT domains may no longer be considered a long shot and a valuable domain.


If you want to speculate and invest (better odds than LOTTO MAX) without fear of jail time or being busted from the RCMP, consider investing in some .CA Canadian POT / WEED / ERB domains. The odds of Justin Trudeau becoming prime minister are 1 in 35,540,419 people (2014 est.) and Lotto MAX has 85,900,584 possible combinations. So Justin Trudeau had a better chance of being prime minister than winning a Lotto MAX jackpot. If Justin was to purchase a $5 Lotto MAX he would have 3 out of 85,900,584 combinations. Justine winning the election beat the odds of 1 in 35,540,419 people (2014 est.) There could be a PharmaPot store near you soon, if we sell the domain. — Helping Canadians Dream Big & Win BIG



LINES of Play

Remaining Combinations
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POT / WEED / ERB domains could easily be flipped for profit (with NO POT in your possession ) or used or rented by a licenced marijuana business. Just like playing the lottery or stock market, investing in domains is a gamble. If you believe election promises and POT being legal in CANADA will become a reality, you should consider these domains. If you remember Canada before casinos and lotteries, you might want to grab these Valuable Domains ASAP.

No pot growing equipment, products, content, software, eBooks, adsense or income generating accounts included. Sales of .CA domains and sales to Canadians will be subject to GST/ HST and is added onto the sale price. is the broker for these domains and NOT a supporter for legalization of marijuana or a user. We are ONLY a business that sells Valuable Domains (virtual property) people want to buy.

One web site ( is claiming the domain POKER.CA sold for $400,000 and SLOTS.CA for $206,906.


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LC-2014-AD-01-500 – Valuable Domain FOR SALE


This is a GREAT domain / business for:

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    • Domain Investors & FOR SALE @


These are GREAT domains / businesses for helping the older population. Back in 2003 (doing a domain lookup validates our claim of the Creation Date: 06-dec-2003) we had the idea of seniors 50+ helping with cleaning, yard work, repairs, groceries, daily living needs, etc. With seniors 50+ viewed as experienced, they could help other seniors or younger families short on time or skills.

The .CA domain would be ideal for a business in Victoria or White Rock, BC, anywhere in CANADA, or even having franchises all across Canada, USA, etc. Take a look at the success Nurse Next Door™ is having franchising in Canada and the USA. Looking for an existing senior care business to buy a franchise? Visit their website – The people at Nurse Next Door™ have a good website, professional videos on and look like a top notch company.

Nurse Next Door™ Featured Locations

Even NOT offering medical care like Nurse Next Door™ , but helping with cleaning, yard work, repairs, groceries, daily living needs, etc could be very profitable. The Smart people at Nurse Next Door™ could even expand with a separate division of their company with and / or For example: someone with a nursing degree is not needed to cut grass, take out garbage, pick up dry cleaning or replace a light switch or light bulb. It could be a lower priced service catering to seniors, leaving nurses to provide medical care services.

The .COM would be ideal anywhere in the world, Florida, Palm Springs, Canada, UK, etc.


Valuable business tip: If you were to purchase the domain, you could in turn make the domain your business name. With the aging population, the Seniors On Site business model will develop competition; having and / or will make DOLLARS and sense. If you want to buy the domain to flip, that is OK too. The YouTube Videos in this posting will help increase the value of the domains as time goes by. If the Ottawa or London companies in the videos below franchise across Canada, these domains could be worth many more times our asking price.

Some business in the videos below (we have NO CONNECTION to them) offer services to Seniors and /or younger families short on time or skills.
If you are looking for the service they offer and NOT a domain, give them a call.

Interested in our domains and / or We have some ideas these companies in the videos are NOT doing and in turn NOT maximizing their sales potential. Purchasing our domains, you could recoup the money you spend with the first one or two franchises sold with a properly developed business.

Seniors On Site = S.O.S = HELP = $$$

We will consider all offers for the sale of these DOMAIN NAMES.

We are in the business of selling VALUABLE domains.

NOTE: Domain name transfers only are offered for sale – a virtual product. No content, software, eBooks, adsense or income generating accounts included. Sales of .CA domains and sales to Canadians will be subject to GST/ HST and is added onto the sale price.

Sales of the domain MUST use an ESCROW service.